Retailers prepare for back-to-school season


Get ready retailers, back-to-school shopping season is here! School spending has fluctuated over the

Mannequins help consumers visualize clothing on themselves

last decade. However, it still accounts for the largest retail spending time of the year, next only to Christmas.

Shoppers still heading to the stores

 According to the National Retail Federation Back-to-School Shopping Survey, parents are doing much of their shopping at brick and mortar stores. 55% of K-12 parents plan to shop at department stores, 49% at discount stores, 39% at clothing stores, 35% at office supply stores, and 33% online. 41% of college consumers plan to shop online and 32% at college bookstores.

This opens up an excellent opportunity to reach the consumer with sales and promotions. Store displays should offer solutions and products for everyday use. Store mannequins and display body forms show off fall fashions and help the buyer visualize the outfit. T-shirt displays make it easy to view and choose favorite tees.


Prepare for back-to-school shoppers

Businesses should begin preparing for the rush now. By early August, about 25% of parents haven’t even started their school shopping. Shoppers still need clothes, shoes, and standard school supplies like pencils, paper, etc.


The rotating t-shirt display presents 20 different shirts at a time.

Making the most out of this profitable time

The back-to-school market is vast in terms of age ranges and preferences. The majority of retailers can get involved to some extent. The most important component of getting the attention of in-store visitors is effective visual merchandising. Whether using movable pieces such as display tables and mannequins, or less mobile store display fixtures like shelving units, a good presentation sets the stage for interaction with products and, through that, purchasing.

This period is an especially good time to invest in retail display items. They can be utilized immediately in stores and then put to work soon after for the winter holiday season. Without attractive displays, businesses will lose out on some measure of sales and see those go to their local competitors. The one-time investment into retail fixtures will continue to pay off for companies as they use them throughout the year.



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