Take advantage of baseball season


With opening day right around the corner, T-shirts and hats will be a hot commodity among baseball connoisseurs. Rooting for your favorite team is easy when you're wearing clothes that show your pride. The excitement for baseball is a spring trend that will never go out of style, so follow this guide to make this year's season a home run.

Set the stage
Cater to your local culture by setting up displays in your customers' favorite baseball team's colors. Retail Resource's themed displays offer a variety of colors that are sure to match what you're looking for. Remember, baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes, so you can't go wrong with a classic red, white and blue color theme. Even if shoppers aren't already looking for baseball-themed clothing, your display should get them in the right state of mind. 

Display appropriately
Decorating with coordinating colors and props might strike the attention of your shoppers, but the product presentation is what will really sell your T-shirts. A table display might be more attractive than standard clothes racks, but with the influx of patrons digging around in the T-shirt piles, you might notice your displays becoming a bit messy as the day goes on. To save time on reorganizing your presentations, use the blue flip board tool for folding T-shirts. This product allows retailers to effortlessly fold clothing into a perfect 9-by-12-inch rectangle. The ventilated panels reduce static, ensuring that your T-shirts get that crisp, clean look.

To prevent the disorganization from happening at all, use the innovation T-shirt display. This unique shelving unit displays the tee graphic in an aluminum frame on one side of the shelf, and holds a pile of T-shirts on the other. Not only will the framed graphic allow patrons to see the product without rifling through it, but the height of the shelving units provides an opportunity for customers even across the store to notice the product.

From hat stands to mannequin display heads, there are endless options for presenting baseball fan head gear. If you plan to organize a table display of your team's color, use smaller accessory-sized retail display fixtures that won't overcrowd the presentation. However, if your sports team products are not centralized on the store floor or you are selling hats for several teams, consider a larger store display fixture to present the merchandise such as our hat racks and holders.


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