Preventing shoplifting


It’s important to stop shoplifting before it happens. When people realize they can get away with stealing from a store, they won’t stop until someone gets caught. Before that happens, you may want to consider installing cameras. Regular cameras are expensive, but simulated ones that look realistic will make people think  the store is being carefully watched. To actually see what is happening, consider putting up mirrors. These will reflect whatever is visible. With curved mirrors, employees at the cashier’s counter can have more visibility. If the goal is safekeeping items that can easily be pocketed, then mirrors are a good choice because someone can be hired just to keep a look out all day, and people will be made thoroughly aware they are being watched when they see someone carefully monitoring the mirrors and looking to ensure nothing is being stolen.

Mirrors can be placed near the floor as well, where people won’t notice them. You can also put them behind corners. These make it trickier to spot where someone can see, which might work well with catching thieves. For places where someone thinks the camera won’t see anything, put a mirror there and have someone watch it. People will think there are more cameras or that someone is regularly watching them.

Using alternatives to mirrors and cameras
When mirrors won’t work, it’s important to have alternative methods of keeping items safe. Consider locking down pegs hooks with peg hook locks. These make it easier to secure equipment like headphones or anything else expensive that would fit on a peg. The hooks are sturdy enough that nobody could pull them off without the key. There are even Soniq alarm hooks, which beep when an item is taken. This allows people to take something without needing a store attendant to open the pegs, but it also prevents someone from taking something and stealing it. Every time something is removed, someone can check the mirrors to make sure nobody takes anything without paying for it.

Clothes pose an additional concern because people could easily conceal a pair of trousers or a dress that has been taken from a clothes rack. But with security tags with ink, the tags will go off as soon as someone walks past the visible detectors at the front door, which will cause ink to splatter on the clothes, easily identifying what has been stolen.


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