Selling hats and jewelry with mannequin heads


Many times store owners are at a loss for how to display hats, but having mannequin heads in the backroom helps alleviate this problem. There are even mannequin head holders, which are placed on slatboards. These can be used in hat shops or stores that otherwise have headwear on display. Another use for the mannequin head, particularly the abstract kind, is for selling necklaces. Otherwise, one could easily sell jewelry using the many displays available. These range from displays for bracelets and rings to those for earrings and other ornaments.

Selling hats
When selling a hat, take the time to find the mannequin head that best matches the merchandise. Something masculine belongs on an appropriately rugged-looking display, and the virtue of mannequin heads is they can often have a range of facial expressions. When in doubt, choose one with a neutral or abstract appearance, as these can be put to nearly any use. Most display heads are made of Styrofoam, which makes them lightweight. One could buy the appropriate holder, or simply make a holder by taking a dowel and putting the head on the dowel. For those who sell merchandise on the road and portability is a concern, mannequin heads make a good choice for visual merchandising because they typically can be stored easily in a car. Unlike regular mannequins, there is no need to carry something bulky or spend a lot of effort trying to dress it – there is only a head.

The major limitation of mannequin heads is they can really only wear necklaces, glasses and hats, but if that is what you’re selling, they’re a great merchandising tool.

Selling jewelry
When selling necklaces or circlets, choose a mannequin head that looks appropriate to the task, and ideally find one that can wear more than one necklace at a time. There are in fact a number of mannequins that have extended necks, and these are perfect for a retailer who wants to improve on the space available in the store by having a mannequin perform multiple duties. Other jewelry items should be in their own jewelry displays. Putting all the jewelry into one large part of the store, so that earrings can be compared to necklaces, and diamond rings are shown beside brooches, will help to put the selection available in full focus for the consumer. When people see a large assortment of expensive items, they can’t help but be enchanted.


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