Boost employee satisfaction


It's becoming more apparent that employee job satisfaction has a strong effect on a business' success. Forbes offers several helpful alternatives from monetary compensation to increase employee satisfaction. Two ways to do this are through continuous communication and collaboration between employees and employers. While part of this comes from your own interactions, Retail Resource also offers products to assist in this process.

Effective communication can be difficult for the busy lives of retailers, but it is an essential part to success. One item that allows for employees' voices to be heard while also keeping the store on its schedule is the wooden suggestion box for employee break rooms. The included yellow cards have a "my suggestion is" and a "my suggestion would benefit" section for employees to fill out. There is no provided space for the name, so employees can remain anonymous if they'd feel more comfortable that way. 

The box itself is a small oak encasement that can easily be placed on a table. It is locked with a key so that the store owner can determine who has access to the suggestions. This is an excellent tool for getting your employees' perspectives on your policies while also demonstrating your desire to create an accepting environment.

Having consistent values will also improve employee job-satisfaction according to Forbes. Make sure your employees understand your goals and methods by holding team meetings and visibly displaying morale-boosting messages on the break room walls. Show your value for workplace safety by posting this bilingual first aid guide in your store.


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