Display Tables are a Retail Store’s Best Friend


No matter how large or small your retail space, you must present your merchandise in a visually pleasing manner. Display tables are an excellent way to accomplish this and attract customers.

Use Display Tables for Focal Point

There are a variety of tables that can be used in the retail environment, but they are all used for the same basic reason. Create a focal point and draw the customer to the products you want him to buy.

A boutique may use a table top mannequin to wear a new line of jewelry or clothing with more choices placed on the table. A toy store may use a table to set up action figures in a battle to draw attention to the most popular items of the season.

Tiered Tables

You may have walked into a clothing store and seen a round tiered table with sweaters, tops, or jeans on it. This is a good way to draw attention to new products. Tiered tables don’t take up much floor space, but can accommodate a rather large amount of items. Tiered tables can be used in the center of the room or along the wall.


Nesting Tables

Of course, nesting tables hold a large amount of items in a small space as well. You can position nesting tables so they slightly overlap, or you can separate them while keeping them in a cluster for continuity. These tables also work well in window displays by offering dimension to the presentation.


Knock Down Tables

Very lightweight and often made of particle board, knock down tables can be easily moved around the store. They are great for sidewalk sales and trade shows. Toss a tablecloth on it, and it becomes a trendy display stand overnight.

Of course, don’t forget to add plenty of color when setting up your visual table display. A customer’s sense of sight provides more than 80% of information to the brain. You can be sure customers will be drawn to your combination of product and colorful props.


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