3 tips to create inviting store windows


Visual merchandising can sometimes be overlooked by shoppers. To create an interesting motif that is sure to catch your customers' eyes, start by designing an engaging window display. It will be the first thing passersby see and will, hopefully, draw them into your store. Use these three tips to reinvent your windows:

Use a theme
Unify your items by choosing something that brings them together. Whether it's a seasonal touch or a color scheme, a cleverly themed display will help a customer buy into your products. Use your discretion in terms of what items you want to highlight, but consider displaying new products using inventive props and decor.

Choose a setting
An interesting setting can also help shoppers visualize your merchandise in their home. Use a variety of shelves to show off trinkets, among other products. Visually pleasing displays, like pipe wall shelves, will give customers a plethora of different aspects to take into consideration when they are visiting your store.

An inviting window theme and setting will encourage a variety of customers to enter your store.An inviting window theme and setting will encourage a variety of customers to enter your store.

Have multiple levels of height
Switch up your windows by layering products through displays of differing heights. Try putting a mannequin next to a 9-shelf cube unit to add a touch of diversity to your concept. Focus smaller items near the front of windows in funky jewelry fixtures to reel in new customers and encourage add-ons to purchases. When shoppers' eyes have to peruse multiple levels of intriguing products, they are more likely to come in to discover what else is in store.

Creative store windows can be the beginning of a shopper's experience in your store. By designing a concept that is visually pleasing, you can encourage more new customers to enter your store and keep returning customers engaged.


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