3 benefits to the visual merchandising rule of 3


Every store is unique, but there are certain tried and true rules to visual merchandising displays. The rule of three is a common practice that encourages businesses to promote items in small groups. Here are three reasons why displaying products in sets of three is a best practice:

1. Symmetry
The first advantage to the rule of three is somewhat subconscious. Retailers should display items in pyramid formations because audiences like symmetry. Shopify suggested placing one tall item in the center of two other similarly sized products to influence audiences to take a closer look at all three.

Starting with a symmetrical display allows stores to guide perceptions with targeted asymmetry. Science 2.0, a research blog, said perfect symmetry is very pleasing to human beings, but it is also boring. A slight deviation in a symmetrical display catches people's attention and could make the entire tableau more exciting.

Variations in symmetrical groups draws attention. Variations in symmetrical groups draw attention.

2. Comparison
Store displays should serve as an example of the many products available on the shelves or racks. Interior Designer Estelle Page said the rule of three is an effective way to demonstrate variety concisely.

Businesses can't place every available size on a central apparel fixture, but they can use three items to show the range of goods available. Clothing stores can show variety of sizes with three different sized mannequins in a central floor location. Just make sure to put the tallest mannequin in the center to create a sense of symmetry.

3. Grouping
Many stores try to encourage shoppers to buy multiple items by grouping similar products together. The Storefront Blog advised businesses to use the rule of three to group different types of merchandise that work together.

Stores can match dresses with scarves and hats that make a complete outfit. As the holiday season approaches it might be a good idea to create groups of products that come together for a terrific gift set. Display tables may feature collections for winter sports or holiday cooking needs.


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