Accessorizing a store with tags and gift wrap


The customer who does business at a retail outlet doesn't need to do his or her shopping like this.Competing against online shopping on prices has proven to be difficult even for large businesses. Smaller companies will have an even harder time. The place where a small retail retailer can really prove its mettle is presentation and service. For this, a company needs items that beautify the presentation of its store as well as astonish people with the items they receive from the shop. This can be done not only with excellent, well-chosen products, but also with gift wrap and tags as part of a major visual merchandising campaign.

Gift Wrap
Wrapping everything neatly and carefully shows that a company cares about what its customers get. Just putting something into a bag is almost too easy. It shows a certain lack of care. Instead of doing that, consider putting an object (even a T-shirt or sweater) into a large gift box and then wrapping it. This makes the item feel like a present. Wrap the item in a bit of tissue paper before putting it into the box for an added effect. People will like the old-time feeling of having a bag full of different boxes, each with a different item to be unwrapped. Additionally, it is convenient when someone plans to something as a gift.

Employees should be trained in the art of wrapping things, and they should be taught to ask first what kind of paper the customer wants to wrap his or her item in. This way, there is some customization to the gift or purchase. Make sure employees ask if the person wants a bow or string or if he or she wants to have a note written in fancy handwriting as part of the gift.

Always remind shoppers that gift wrapping is part of store policy and that it comes with any item, whether intended as a present or not.

Labels and tags
It may be surprising, but just putting some pretty tags on an item can make it seem nicer than it already is. When the labels are hand-written, people will respond very powerfully because it shows someone cared enough to make the item into a serious work of art that can be purchased. This is a level of quality and excellence that even a company like Amazon can't compete with because it's all about personalizing something and making it feel special.


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