Appear professional and coordinated with a cash wrap


With all of the attention visual merchandising gets in terms of in-store design, other elements are sometimes left by the wayside. However, more static fixtures and ones that don't primarily display products are still important to the overall appearance and feel of a store. For smaller merchants, one area that may have not been considered previously is the use of a cash wrap to improve the checkout area of a store. Having a coordinated theme throughout a store is also possible by matching the cash wrap to other fixtures, such as showcases and tables. This approach helps businesses present a professional and uniform appearance that still leaves plenty of room for all sorts of styles and attitudes.

The practical functions of cash wraps shouldn't be ignored either. Besides offering a place for the cash register and protecting it from the publicly accessible part of the store, the cash wrap also allows for the storage of a variety of items, from bags and packaging materials to the point-of-sale terminals used to complete credit and debit card transactions. The recessed tops and other structural details of a cash wrap allow businesses to keep registers, cords and other common or incongruous items out of sight.

Improve efficiency and customer experience
Cash wraps offer another major advantage for retailers: They help keep the checkout area moving smoothly, helping customers place and organize their purchases and the cashier to efficiently and correctly scan them and ring them up. This flow of operations extends into the bagging process as well, giving employees a chance to make room for the next customer's order while finishing up the bagging for the current one. The small gesture of providing a place for patrons to set their items down and for workers to provide some customer service shouldn't be overlooked.

All Business pointed out that a cash wrap is much the same as the desk of a hotel seen by guests when they check out: the last point of contact and the last chance to make a good impression. Businesses shouldn't be afraid to do a little merchandising around the cash wrap, but it's important to provide plenty of space for all the tasks that have to be undertaken in the area. This clean and clear presentation will help to improve the customer experience and lead to higher satisfaction.


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