Choosing elegant showcases


A great way to demonstrate the quality of an item is through its careful placement in the store. By putting an expensive piece of merchandise in a showcase that demonstrates its beauty and elegance, selling such products can become quite easy. One could also use display fixtures for a similar purpose. There are specialized fixtures that can be used to show a wide variety of wares, in addition to the standard dump bins and basket displays.

Showing off items in showcases
To begin selecting the right showcase for the objects being sold, the first thing to consider is the style of merchandise as well as the visual merchandising goal of the store. A merchant selling jewelry requires a more elegantly designed glass case that can accommodate jewelry boxes and other displays intended to show rings and necklaces. When there are many objects to be shown, it helps to have a larger glass case that provides plenty of display room and demonstrates to the customer that the store contains many items of great value. For those who only have a small number of very intricately made items, considering a more vertically shaped solution might be best, so that the best items are at eye level with the customer, and many pieces can be seen at once. Some items benefit from a mirrored display that reflects the back of the object, so someone can see the entirety of the piece with one look.

Cash wraps are also useful for displaying items. Choosing specific designs and finishes can make a major difference on how the items within are perceived. It's best to pick a neutral color, but don't be afraid to buy a relatively simple one and paint over it in order to customize the finish.

The benefits of display fixtures
Display fixtures are unique in that they often have specialized functions. There are many different display bins for holding foods or beverages, for example. The adjustable wooden display bin can be used to store anything from bakery products to nuts and bolts, depending on the needs of the store. It also features a chalkboard that can allow owners to write down what is being sold. During bargain days, an employee could use the chalkboard in order to show the discount on those particular items.

A triangular table can show items outdoors, and is intended for that function. However, it can also be placed inside where shop owners could use it to show off items with a rustic character, such as hibachi grills or other products that are intended for the garden or backyard.

For those who plan to sell flowers as a major part of their business, the nine-vase flower display is perfect. It shows bouquets right next to each other, without crowding the flowers, and this creates an effect of wonder for the viewer, who may have trouble deciding which of the bouquets to choose from. There is also a more vertically aligned eight-vase flower rack, which can be used in conjunction with other racks, to create a wall of flowers.


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