Choosing the right clothes rack


The versatility of clothing racks can be daunting, but with the right planning, garment racks can serve as excellent tools for organization and effective visual merchandising. No longer will you have to depend solely on a range of merchandise for variety. Now, the arrangement of the store itself can give customers that breath of change they love to see.

Quick and easy presentation
Grid fixtures allow for versatility in retail display fixtures when organizing a display for a big sale or an approaching holiday. Any of the shelves and baskets can quickly be attached to the fixtures, providing an opportunity for variation moreso than standard racks. If you only have square chrome stands in your store, consider using the twist on garment rack arms.These convenient attachments are essentially an accessory for garment racks, making it easy to secure additional room.

Pairing items together
Displaying clothing items that match well together is a great strategy for boosting sales. The two-way retail clothing racks provide a two-way hang bar to present coordinating clothes such as a chic pair of jeans with a trendy top. The two-tier round clothing rack is ideal for the same purposes, but can support a greater volume of clothing. To create a more focused point of a display, consider using the costumer rack, which features two 6-inch hang bars on either side. While this particular garment rack is made to support less clothing, it's a great way to make a special outfit really stand out to shoppers.

Everyday use
Setting up a new display on a regular basis might not always be practical, so Retail Resource has several options for more permanent presentations. The tempered glass topper, designed to sit right on top of a round clothing rack, creates visual appeal with the added dimension. Plus, the topper allows you to easily place smaller items right in the line of sight of shoppers perusing through clothes.

There are also more unique options than just a horizontal bar when it comes to displaying garments. The spiral clothing rack, for instance, is both practical and visually appealing, ideal for showcasing up to 29 individual pieces of clothing. For a splash of color and sophistication, the hang bar with the oak shelf allows for both hanging garments and folded clothes. The deep brown oak color will stand out against the polished chrome of the hang bar.


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