Choosing the right slatwalls


When a store has a lot of wall space that isn't being used, it may be a good idea to install slatwalls. This is paneling that has slats into which various hooks, shelves and bins can be inserted. The wide range of accessories means it can be used in almost any context, from a hardware store, or drug store to a clothing retailer. The only things to consider are what kind of slatwall to install and what sort of accessories the store will need to effectively display its merchandise.

Slatwalls come in a range of colors and textures, from a birch wood finish to faux marble and solid colors like grey or white. Depending on the color scheme of the store, the best option might be to choose something neutral so that the slatwalls don't stand out too much. This product pairs very well with gondolas, so that a maximum amount of space can be filled. There are also freestanding slatwall products that enable businesses to combine this unique platform for putting up merchandise with the movability of gondolas. In the end, a mix of different surfaces in a store will likely inspire a sense of variety in the shopper.

Slatwalls are designed so that objects can be slid into the slats and held in place. The most obvious use for this product is to install hooks that merchandise can hang from. These hooks come in a variety of sizes and can be augmented with labels, which will let stockers know where to put what item when restocking merchandise. Heavier items should be placed on J-hooks.

Other accessories include baskets, shelves and bins. These are useful because they let shopkeepers take some of the storage burden off of gondolas and onto the walls. Bins can hold smaller items and loose inventory as well, while shelves are meant for larger products.

Certain accessories are meant for heavier products that are still lighter than what would go on a J-hook. These are called waterfalls. They operate as a series of hooks or knobs and can hold a limited amount of merchandise that is too heavy to slide onto a normal hook. Each product is spaced apart evenly for an attractive appearance.

Shelf brackets are another option, combining strength with the ability to put many objects on one structure. These are designed with a reinforcing bar that goes onto the slat below, to enable shelving to run across one bracket to another. Such a product would pair well with a gondola on the other side of the aisle, allowing for shelves to exist on the walls. Clothes can be placed on hang rails with a minimum of effort, requiring only that someone put the clothing onto a clothes hanger.

Finally, there is the magazine holder, which can be used next to registers for storing magazines.

A solid combination of different slat wall accessories will enable managers to keep the store looking interesting and full of items. Owners may also consider changing the contents of walls from one month to another to enable a fresh does of visual merchandising.


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