Creating a boutique


The art of creating a boutique atmosphere is easy when a store owner takes the time to make sure all of the furniture and display fixtures inside match appropriately. When people think of boutiques, there are many images that arise. For example, an old-fashioned boutique would have more ornamental furniture than something that is often available in the present time. It isn't hard to find furniture like this – a shop owner doesn't have to look for antiques when look-alike furnishings are available.

For example, a wood display case with glass and fancy trim is perfect for showing jewelry or expensive watches. For a more modern look, purchase one with white paint instead of the standard teak stain. Similarly, for a clothing store, there is a wooden wardrobe that comes in white or brown. These are made from oak and let clothes hang down dramatically. It's a good choice for merchants who want to set up a shop for expensive dresses that are custom fitted to each customer. When making a shop like this it isn't a bad idea to use a bust form to show other dresses. A fabric form will fit in better with the overall atmosphere of an old-fashioned boutique.

Another useful type of antique-style furniture is a nesting table to use either for showroom purposes or when demonstrating something in the display window. They can be used as risers for mannequins or bust forms. Or, owners could feature them holding some expensive item the store sells.

Completing the boutique image
To finish building a classic boutique, start by thinking of what kind of props work with the different pieces of furniture on display. Farm baskets store and show small objects for sale, and they also go along with wooden crates, which can be used to display clothes or other items. If the store sells antiques or books, then smaller objects can be placed on nesting tables, and these would add to the old-world, European atmosphere without costing more than the price of the items that are intended for sale. This is creating visual merchandising without spending extra money. 

For a modern boutique look
The modern look of a boutique, consider polished steel items and objects like paper lanterns. An example of a more avant-garde clothing rack is the four-way hanging rack, which looks very new and exciting. More dramatic examples of modern styling include freestanding gridwall displays, which allow owners to put attachments on the grid wall on both sides. Putting these front and center in the store makes for a dramatic look that people won't soon forget.

Black is also a good color for a modern boutique. Black-shelved rolling garment racks look very attractive, and they can show clothes in a number of interesting ways. Additionally, the product is on wheels, so it can be moved easily. Mixing up the design of a store by moving objects around occasionally will spice up the presentation and add to the feeling of a modern boutique.


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