Creating space in your store


One of the best ways for offering great service to your customers is to offer many different products. But how can you do that while still dealing with the same amount of square footage in your store? It's easy when you have the right display fixtures. For example, gondolas and peg fixtures can be used to make room for more merchandise in the store. Using these tools is easy, and the equipment itself is durable, so you won't have to replace them for a long time.

Gondolas and peg fixtures are both useful for a variety of industries – from stores that sell purses and clothing to hardware and grocery stores. Because these products range from baskets and pegs to shelving systems, basically anything can be placed in the store very easily.

The products can also be used to hold excess merchandise. For example, a product like a sweater can be shown on an apparel fixture such as a clothing rack. The rest of the sweaters can be kept on shelving for easy handling. In this way, a retailer can have multiple racks in the center of a display where people will regularly look at different items, while on the sides and along various aisles, merchandise like shoes or clothes can be kept for customers who are looking for something very specific.

How to effectively display clothes without taking up space
For stores without a lot of room, retailers should focus on highlighting the most attractive items on racks or mannequins where people can see what the clothes look like very clearly. Because these items will take up a lot of space, consider carefully which items look the best, and then keep the rest of the clothes conveniently stowed away on fixtures. People can ask to see items in specific sizes, and salespeople can find those very quickly using a labeling system that is efficient and easy to read.

A store should have the appearance of being fully stocked, but it should never be difficult for customers to find what they're looking for. They should additionally always have the help of a team of people who will assist them find what they're looking for. For a small store with only one or two salespeople, it is very easy to keep things organized so that everyone who works there knows where to find everything. Larger stores that sell many different SKUs of the same item may want to spend time directing new workers around the space, showing them where to find everything. 


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