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Mannequins by themselves aren't much to look at. But when clothing retailers and other associated businesses dress them up and use them in their visual merchandising efforts, they're incredibly effective. These versatile and mobile fixtures, along with associated support materials such as a mannequin stand, help shoppers see not just the pattern and material used in an item of clothing, but how they look when they are being worn as well. Mannequins are also especially well-suited to use in themed visual merchandising scenes, where simple placement and the addition of a few appropriate props helps customers see how they'll look when wearing these pieces out in public.

One area where mannequins really stand out is the ability for businesses to showcase a complete look instead of a single item. Along with the obvious three-dimensional quality of mannequins, this is a major advantage provided by these display fixtures. For many retailers, assembling a head-to-toe outfit can help influence buyers and steer them toward complementary choices that will both enhance a wardrobe and drive sales. Many different retailers rely on accessories as a component of operations, from the hats and jackets sold by college co-ops and bookstores, to jewelry and other fashion accessories. Using mannequins, and associated items such as hand, leg and head forms, allows for everything from shoes to scarves and hats to be put on display.

Versatility is a big factor
The ability to reuse retail display fixtures is one of the most important parts of their value to a business. Items that can only be used a single time in display efforts have limited usefulness and the cost of these products need to be taken into account. The good news for businesses is that mannequins can be reused nearly indefinitely. The unbreakable body forms that are standard in the industry stand up to customers who want to touch and feel the merchandise being displayed, and even accommodate the occasional bump that knocks them to the ground.

With a variety of different complete and individual forms available in different colors and materials, retailers can choose the mannequins that make the most sense for their regular operations. Clothing options can easily be changed as often as is wanted, whether with complete updates to outfits or more frequent and subtle changes that display year-round and seasonal offerings in concert.


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