Drive jewelry sales with the right store displays


Research constantly supports something merchants have known since money and products first exchanged hands: display matters. Long before shoppers strolled along Fifth Avenue in New York City to window shop, ancient salespeople were doing their best to attract customers and beat the competition with visually appealing displays. 

Take grocery stores for instance. Research from Point of Purchase Advertising International found that 76 percent of grocery shoppers make decisions about what to buy, in-store.

"If you're not utilizing in-store marketing to put your product on display you're likely losing out in the battle at the shelf to get your product into the shoppers basket," the organization stated. "The study found that nearly one in six brand purchases are made when a display with that brand is present in store."

Of course, the same sentiment holds true across a range of products. In fact, for some items, such as jewelry, displays can be even more essential.

The power of jewelry displays
Unlike groceries, jewelry is something that consumers expect to be presented in a luxurious manner. This makes retail display fixtures a key part of attracting the jewelry buying public.

The right jewelry displays can give merchandise the posh look retailers are going for. For instance, what would indicate greater value to you:earrings spread out over a countertop or a deluxe bronze earring stand that allows you drape the jewelry and draw the eye?

When consumers are buying a premium product, they want to feel like they're getting their money's worth. Presentation is a big part of this. After all, there's a reason husbands propose to their wives by pulling out a plush box with an engagement ring inside. Simply pulling a diamond ring out of a pocket doesn't have the same pizzazz.

Choosing the right display fixture
Depending on what you're selling, choosing the right store display fixtures will take some thought.

For example, is the jewelry you're selling dark or light? This will impact the color of your display fixture. You want to accentuate the product, not camouflage it.

Space will also be an issue to consider. If you want to show off breathtaking necklaces with a neck display, you'll need to choose between large, medium and small stand-up displays. Thinking about these and other caseling and counter elements is important.

Quality is essential when it comes to jewelry, so doesn't it make sense to put the same effort into the quality of how it's displayed?


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