Fall retail displays: How to celebrate the season


Winter has Christmas and summer has the promise of numerous outdoor activities, but fall can also offer shoppers plenty to get excited about. Take coffee for example. Forbes contributor Nancy Gagliardi said consumers flood local cafes every autumn in pursuit of pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked goods. Come September, coffee shops and restaurants are proud to display their fall-centric options.

Most retailers have some sort of product that gains popularity once the leaves start to change. Fashion is highly contingent on weather and fall holds a number of national holidays. Football season starts in the fall, so shoppers look for products and colors supporting their favorite team. Retailer shop owners should prepare their spaces for fall-centric shoppers rather than just using the time to prep for Christmas.

You can start by giving seasonal items prime real estate in you store. Fall fashions should be present on the first mannequin customers run into. Craft stores can have display tables that feature projects utilizing pine cones or pumpkins. Signage can indicate deals only available during the season.

Seasonal craft projects can get young shoppers excited.Seasonal craft projects can get young shoppers excited.

Seasonal merchandise changes quickly. As Halloween gives way to Thanksgiving, you may need to adjust your displays from spooky to homey. Creativity Window said store owners should never stick with a single visual merchandising strategy for too long. Diversity encourages repeat visits and helps stores keep up with the changing environment. Retail display fixtures like chalkboard signage assist employees in changing store visuals quickly and consistently.

There are some general fall display techniques that your store could incorporate. Swirl Marketing's Retail Details blog listed orange, brown and gold as traditional fall colors. Bronze jewelry displays or shelves could create a nice autumn atmosphere without being too overbearing. Many stores bring nature indoors with gourds or other flora associated with the season. Small touches can create unique spaces that customers know will only be around for a short period of time. Season-specific images on your store's website and social media may encourage shoppers to check out your store before it gets too cold outside.


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