Getting ready for Valentine’s Day


Although it may seem like a ways away, it's only about a month until Valentine's Day will be here. A good store will be prepared with plenty of jewelry displays. One important aspect of displaying jewelry to keep in mind is that the type of materials incorporated into the jewelry ultimately dictates what the best display will be. Items made from stones, coral or a similarly unpolished and rough material would look beautiful on a mesh display because the mesh would show off the natural elegance of the materials. Jewelry intended to sparkle would do better with a black matte display because it would shine more strongly with such a contrast. In the same way that not every necklace goes well with every dress, a shopkeeper has to choose which piece of handiwork pairs with the right jewelry display.

There isn't necessarily a hard and fast list of rules for showing off items, but different effects can be generated from using different displays. For example, a neck display with stand up form has a beautiful finish that almost looks like marble. A dramatic and highly polished necklace would look gorgeous when draped around such a contrastingly plain structure. It would be a good example of quality visual merchandising.

Pairing jewelry
It may be a good idea to buy many different items for holding bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings and other precious ornaments. Then, try different combinations until you find something that suits the mood you want to bring out from the jewels. Mesh trays look good for unconventional items, but they might also work for silver and gold pieces. A good benefit to the mesh is that a necklace can be shown with the earrings intended to pair with it, so that people have a proper sense of how it would look around their neck with the two earrings on either side.

Don't be afraid to show dramatic displays with many different items juxtaposed unconventionally. Customers who shop for jewelry want to be dazzled. Something that is just a plain and simple bracelet might look gorgeous next to a dramatically different sort of item, such as a beaded piece pairing with a silver bangle on the same holder.

Consider buying charm bracelets and keeping the charms on a mesh tray. This way, they can all be seen at a glance, and arranging them on the tray will help to show off the differences among each charm, so that choosing just one will be made difficult.

Putting jewelry inside of glass cases
Items that have a polished finish, such as jeweled necklaces or rings with faceted gemstones, would look gorgeous inside of a glass showcase or acrylic display. Make sure the containers sparkle and shine just as much as the jewelry does. Surrounding these items with places for light to catch and reflect will create a kind of kaleidoscope effect, and truly impress the shoppers who have come to see the pieces.

The same goes with mirrors, when you buy a mirror, make sure that it shines and looks highly polished. This way, the people wearing the items and examining themselves in the mirror will see the light reflected and shining on their jewelry, and the sparkling elements will be in greater focus.


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