Gondolas and peg fixtures are the backbone of strong retail efforts


There are hardly any retail realms where gondolas, shelving units and peg fixtures aren't used. Businesses from discount stores to high-end retailers have used these versatile elements of visual merchandising. Even when a business focuses on clothing or other merchandise that isn't usually placed on standard shelving, there are inevitably some accessories and items that can be effectively stored, as well as presented to customers, through the use of pegboard and shelving. If merchants aren't using these valuable and easily changeable retail display fixtures, it's likely they're missing out on an opportunity to increase their available display space and attract customers.

Both pegboard and gondola shelving fixtures offer the affordable customization that many retailers need as stock changes and different items take precedence, while older products are marked down and placed into sale areas. Because the standard shelf space is easily increased with baskets, hanging racks and other attachments, both sale and feature items are able to be placed in an area where they stand out and catch the customer's eye. The same is true for pegboard, which can be altered on short notice to accommodate new and different items as the need arises. Retailers that have a wide variety of different accessories and attachments can make alterations whenever they want to, or simply when its time to freshen up displays.

A solution for products big and small
With so many different options for effectively housing products, it's no surprise that many retailers consider their pegboards and gondola shelving a necessity for effective presentation. Some clothing retailers, convenience stores and other businesses often use the shelf space as is, adding pricing signs on the front edge of shelves or using display signs to draw attention to items and price. Other businesses take advantage of dividers and automated pushing systems to keep products organized and within easy reach of the consumer. This approach has the added advantage of requiring less maintenance on the part of a business.

Larger gondola and pegboard fixtures can also incorporate endcaps to take full advantage of the available space inside a business. With these units in place, retailers maximize their ability to display their products and place greater focus on certain wares. Simply put, gondola and pegboard fixtures are often the backbone of successful retail efforts.


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