Halloween product displays can offer costume ideas


As consumers prepare for Halloween, your store's visual merchandising strategy can capitalize on the festivities and promote creativity.

A National Retail Federation Consumer Spending Survey predicted 157 million Americans will celebrate Halloween in 2015. The survey projects total spending on candy, decorations and costumes will reach $6.9 billion, $2.5 billion of which should go to store-bought and homemade costumes.

Stores don't have to sell ready-to-go costumes to attract shoppers looking for fun Halloween outfits. The International Business Academy reported 20 percent of consumers make their own costumes, and even more buy pieces from other shops to accommodate purchases made at costume stores. Your clothing shop may feature materials needed for horrific ensembles or creative outfits. Mental Floss, an entertainment blog, shared examples of people who used cardboard, flashlights, sports equipment and toys to create original costumes for Halloween and other events.

Many shoppers put costumes together use many materials. Shoppers use many materials to make cowboy and princess costumes.

Your product displays and online advertisements can offer examples for how to assemble supplies into a terrifying or fun combination. The American Apparel Costume Maker allows online shoppers to browse a variety of models wearing costumes created from products normally offered by the retailer. You can share fun outfit ideas on your mannequins or display tables.

For example, the National Retail Federation found princesses should be the most popular costume choice for young girls in 2015. If you offer children's clothing, you can promote children's dresses with regal designs. Toy shops can place royal props on display tables in the front of the space, while hobby store clerks can use mobile displays to show children how to make their own crowns. This is just one possible costume idea, you should go through your products and see what designs come to your head when pairing different items. Your combinations could make someone's Halloween a really unique experience. 


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