How to wrap gifts


Providing a gift-wrapping service is one way that small businesses can set themselves apart from the competition. Fortunately, there are a variety of materials available for every holiday, making it easy to get things ready for every gift-giving season. It won't be much longer until Valentine's Day, but gift wrap is useful every day of the year because there's always going to be a customer who wants to wrap an item for both birthday celebrations and holidays.

The trick to wrapping items is to choose an appropriate method behind the finished appearance. Some items demand a more elegant solution than others. Remember that visual merchandising can change depending on he holiday.

Wrapping gifts for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is unique in the sense that it's a holiday requiring a great deal of elegance in the gift wrap used. If you've ever seen a romantic movie where one of the characters has fastidiously wrapped a present in foil paper with a simple ribbon, then you have the basic idea of what Valentine's Day requires. In a word: elegance. Buy paper that looks appropriate to the season, and have plenty of matching ribbons. Make sure to buy gift boxes as well, and have jewelry boxes to put inside the gift boxes if necessary. At any rate, you should find a means for placing merchandise inside the box so it doesn't jangle unnecessarily. 

Also, ask if the customer wants the top and bottom of the boxes wrapped separately, as some people prefer the ability to open something quickly as a kind of "presto!" gesture to their loved one, so the beautiful object inside the box is instantly revealed.

For other holidays
Holidays like Christmas might also require a certain tact and focus on beauty, but many people also want something cheerful, and having a happy-looking wrapping paper with Christmas trees might be a good idea. Also, for items like sweaters, having the appropriate gift bag will be crucial, because a sweater might not fit in a box, and it also may not be the presentation the customer desires. People give gifts not only to loved ones on Christmas, but friends and family members as well, and for that group, people want something fun and even a little silly. Teach you employees how to make ribbons curl and show them how to wrap boxes so they look beautiful.


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