How to wrap presents


Using gift wrap in order to turn an ordinary purchase into a present can make for a marvelous addition to a visual merchandising campaign. Depending on the occasion, it is best to have many different kinds of gift wrap available. Not only should a store have wrapping paper for the major holidays, but businesses should also include reflective wrap that looks very elegant. There should also be some other, more fun and perky wrapping paper that would be perfect for an anytime present or an elegant gift for someone's anniversary or a similarly weighty occasion. 

There are many things to consider when wrapping a present. First of all, someone should ask the customer what he or she wants in terms of the design of the gift, plus the box it comes in, along with whether to include ribbons or bows. Some people might prefer a present in which the cover of the box is wrapped separately from the box itself, so that the present can be opened without tearing the wrapping paper. This way, the gift can be opened more ceremoniously and someone can keep the box as a memento.

Other people might prefer to bring their own wrapping paper and have someone wrap it professionally. There is no one way to wrap a gift, so training workers in the art of gift wrap will be a matter of practice rather than a set form everyone must follow. That being said, employees should still be trained on the basics of gift wrapping.

Remember when wrapping a present that if the item doesn't come with a box, then you may wish to consider putting the object into a gift box, and then wrapping the present inside the box. Other times, the box itself doesn't need to be wrapped – for example if the item is in an expensive jewelry case. There may a time when it's a good idea to use a slightly larger box than a gift really needs, and then fill the box with tissue paper. People will enjoy pulling apart the colorful paper as they look for their present.

Companies that work hard at providing their customers with the best wrapping and the most beautifully decorated gifts will often benefit from repeat business – particularly with expensive items intended for presents. This amounts to a major cash flow opportunity for businesses that offer items that could serve as gifts. The only limitation is the talent of the people wrapping the presents.

Bags and baskets
Another item to consider is the bag to put the gift in. Some people would rather you just place an item like a piece of clothing into a bag and have the bag stuffed with tissue paper. This way the gift is easily opened and there is less fuss with wrapping paper and a box. Other times, the items are a collection of different expensive products, like produce or soaps, and people will want them placed in an elegant gift basket. There are many available for this purpose.


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