Integrating mobile and visual displays


Retail customers are using their mobile devices in stores. A new survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association found consumers prefer to use their smartphones or tablets when looking up product information on the sales floor as opposed to speaking with a store representative or reading display details.

Sixty-two percent of the respondents to the survey stated they felt online product information was more beneficial than in-store sources.

Customers will use smartphones to compare prices while in the store.Customers will use smartphones to compare prices while in the store.

Stores have taken steps to counteract this opinion. Rather than fight mobile devices, though, they have worked to make mobile use part of the display experience. The first tactic is using mobile devices to lure customer into a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Mobile Commerce Daily said more stores are featuring promotions on social media and other sites preferred by mobile device users. The main goal is to promote convenience. Consumers use hand held devices to compare the best deals and easily locate products.

Stores have included layouts and images of product displays in their online marketing so people can easily locate what they are looking for once they walk through the doors. It is important retail displays match what customers are looking out online, so retailers should have a clear visual merchandising plan in mind when creating mobile materials.

Displays can also encourage mobile device use. Clever mannequin tableaus are prime picture spots and positive shopping interactions are often shared on social media. If people are going to use their smartphones for information anyway, a store might suggest some online resources to explore using signage next to products.

Interactive displays take the practice one step further and provide customers with the same touch screen tools they would find on their devices. Mechatronics featured stores that had in-store displays allowing customers to browse information online and promote their experiences through social media.


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