Is your store making the most of jewelry and accessory inventory?


Retailers that sell jewelry and similar fashion accessories have to make sure they're creating effective and engaging displays while managing the unique requirements of these items. Jewelry made using precious metals and expensive stones obviously have to be protected because of their high cost and relatively small size, but costume jewelry and other items are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Using the "look, but don't touch" approach is effective with these items, allowing a prospective buyer to try on these products with help from an employee. Businesses with less-expensive merchandise can have them available for handling by the customer, but keep them in a small area near the register to better guard against theft or breakage as well.

Here's a look at a few must-have items for engaging display of jewelry and accessories of all types:

  • Earring and ring displays: A great option for costume jewelry and other less-expensive items, a compact earring and ring display is a great retail display fixture for a store to have in its arsenal of display methods. The fixtures themselves aren't very large and can be kept in high-visibility areas of a store, attracting shoppers while also helping employees keep an eye on them. Placing these display fixtures on top of cases holding more expensive items is one option that can help display a wide variety of items in a small space. If a display is used to show off expensive items, it can be placed in a locked case as well.
  • Caseline and counter elements: These pieces are great for both emphasizing the value of the jewelry on display and showing potential buyers what a necklace or ring looks like when worn. Caseline and counter elements help create some visual diversity inside of a display case or on a countertop and encourage customers to take a closer look.

When displaying small items that may carry a high value, retailers need to balance security and ease of viewing. Having the right retail display fixtures in place helps businesses by maintaining an engaging display area without spreading products out across too wide of an area or leaving them unprotected. The many different types of presentation methods available to merchants means that it's easy to find the specific display fixture that best matches the support items already in place in a store.


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