Making great window displays


The secret to creating a marvelous visual merchandising display revolves around featuring excellent merchandise, and creating an impression of pleasant comfort by showing as many things as possible. Consider using display tables to layer many items together. Remember the "candy store effect" of seeing many different items and being pleasantly overwhelmed with indecision about which one to buy.

Other tricks include using props and other decor to make the window display seem more active and interesting. Change the display every month or so to follow the seasons. Right now, Halloween is just ending, and Thanksgiving is beginning, so be sure to include references to family and a spirit of generosity.

Some crates and containers could be excellent props for the store. They look realistic, and make the goods next to them look more interesting and livelier. Consider placing a non-food item in a barrel or other object intended for food.  The quirky juxtaposition will make people rethink whether they want to buy something.  Even doing the opposite and putting oranges or another food into a rustic box intended for hardware could be a unique presentation that people will appreciate.

Using your window display to tell a story
Halloween is over, but Thanksgiving is coming up. Consider a unique story that your window display could tell about the holidays. For example, one store cited by Entrepreneur showed different brooms, and suggested that a witch was trying to decide which broom to ride for Halloween. This was a hardware store, any business could benefit from a thoughtful presentation.

For another example, Thanksgiving suggests a bountiful harvest of food along with a feast. Perhaps showcasing all the different things that someone would need to put out for a lavish dinner could work if the business sold home decorating supplies or plates and cookware. Retail display fixtures could serve very well for this.

Platforms and pedestals are definitely necessary for a business that wants to make use of its display windows. Creating action on all the different planes of the window will be important. Don't just think horizontal, but your window decoration should go vertical as well. Additionally, Entrepreneur recommends that people place the key items at eye level where people can see them better.

Using quirky objects, such as metal baskets could make people look again at something they might otherwise let pass unnoticed. Additionally, using bright colors can also attract people's attention and make them walk into the store to look around.


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