Making jewelry stand out with great displays


The best way to accentuate beautiful jewelry is with a visual marketing display that can demonstrate how it looks when paired with other accessories. For example, wire mesh jewelry displays can show several earrings at once along with a necklace, allowing retailers to show the many ways that a certain set of jewelry can pair with others. The mesh appearance of the display is unique among other options for showing jewelry, and may lend the store a particularly trendy atmosphere.

Other things to keep in mind when displaying jewelry
The Studio writes that consumers will often look at a display for only 10 to 15 seconds at a time. One great way to capture someone's attention is by using contrast to create a surprising and elegantly beautiful piece that juxtaposes multiple earrings, necklaces and rings together in one display. The goal would be showing everything off in such a way that highlights the natural attractiveness of each item.

At the same time, make sure the juxtapositions make sense – everything should fundamentally balance. It may be a good idea to think of the jewelry display as a mobile. You want everything such that no particular piece of work stands out more than any other – this would make the display look unbalanced and clumsy, and the jewelry wouldn't look as good.

The way that owners display jewelry in the store is crucial because if done properly, individual items benefit from being surrounded by other objects of beauty. But if certain pieces stand out and dominate – or if the arrangement is made in a way that looks sloppy or hastily done – without consideration for color schemes and the arrangement of each piece of jewelry with the right accessories and the right displays, then people will come away from the counter with the sense that the jewelry is less beautiful than it really is.

In other words, by making the display look bad, the jewelry will also look bad.

Displaying the price
Price tags should be shown along with the jewelry in a manner that is easy to read. People should be made aware of what something costs right away. Concealing the value of an item won't necessarily make someone want to buy it more. Another option is to include price sheets. This is particularly effective on road shows. Customers can ask a nearby clerk what the cost of a particular item is, and then the customer can receive a copy of the price sheet if he or she asks for one, so that the person can go home and read through the list to find something affordable that is just right for him or her.


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