Putting together elements for a successful sale


No matter why you decide to have a sale or offer another kind of promotion, you want it to be as successful as possible. In many cases, sales count on a higher volume to make up for a lower price, so getting the word out about them is incredibly important. Luckily, retailers have plenty of ways to connect with past customers in today's digital age, using email, social media and other networks to get the word out. But store owners can't forget about the importance of real-life promotion when it comes to sales. One of the most effective ways to highlight a sale is also the simplest: using signs and banners to attract passers-by. The immediacy of a sign advertising your sale, right outside your store or in your display windows can't be matched by any other advertising method.

Signs, signs, signs
There are plenty of different signage options available to retailers. This makes it easy to find generic signs that can be reused and fit into a store's color scheme, as well as more specific ones that go into detail about the sale. There are also reusable signs to be had, including the trusty A-frame style that can be placed near the threshold of a store to encourage visitors. Large banners as well as smaller, product-level cards that can be used to mark sales are all available. The number of options on the table for retailers means that picking the right ones will be a matter of style and taste much more so than taking what's available. Signs can also be used to direct shoppers from a display to the sale items or the area where they're displayed.

Backing up the sale items
There are other considerations for an effective sale, including creating themed visual merchandising displays and highlighting sale items throughout the store. The level of detail is up to the owner and simple additions are all that's needed to catch the eye of customers – especially when combined with signage that spells out the terms of the sale. Store decor can be as basic as adding a a table cover in a vibrant color or putting a screen or backdrop behind the merchandise you want to highlight in the store. This is one area where retailers can be creative and try thinking outside the box, as long as the end goal of attracting attention to a sale is kept intact.


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