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Climate change is becoming more apparent. Global warming is evidenced through rising sea levels, longer and more severe droughts, and increased melting of Arctic ice. The unusual weather across the country is also a sign of this. Though the reality of global warming is often debated, one fact still remains. The task of stopping it is left to the people that inhabit this planet. Retailers can also play a part in the sustainability effort by making environmentally conscious choices when it comes to store supplies.

The true power of electric hand dryers
The bathroom is a great place to start on a going-green initiative. A simple transition to electric hand dryers will save on the amount of energy used, according to the The New York Times. Additionally, making the switch means that less money will be spent on regularly reordering supplies and less time will be wasted on bathroom maintenance such as emptying the trash cash and refilling the paper towel dispensers. With patrons using air to dry their hands, you will avoid adding to the massive solid waste paper towels contribute to landfills.

The problem with plastic
While plastic bags are recyclable, they don't always get disposed of in the most environmentally safe way. Plastic bags can pose a lot of problems when they aren't recycled. Should plastic bags find their way into an animal's habitat, they could be mistaken for food and make those animals extremely sick. Additionally, the bags could get caught in the building trash vortexes in our oceans. The Pacific Vortex, otherwise known as the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, is a gyre of litter that has collected in the northern Pacific Ocean and is now twice the size of Texas. Plastics can also end up in landfills, where they can take 10 to 20 years to beak down according to the Environmental Protection Authority. Fortunately, these unique biodegradable bags contain totally degradable plastic additives. The TDPA additives allow the bag to biodegrade at a faster rate, decreasing its negative impact on landfills.

Reusing signs in visual merchandising
Reusing advertising materials is another way retailers can go green. Instead of wasting paper with one-time-use handmade signs, consider utilizing the multipurpose promotional signs and banners or reusable write-on signs. Opting for one of these choices will not only help save the environment but also add a look of professionalism and creativity to your business. Plus, repurposing signage will save money in visual merchandising costs.


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