Showcases highlight the importance of select merchandise


Having an item protected behind glass or plastic is a good way to call customer attention to it inside of a retail location. Simply put, the "look, but don't touch" approach is an effective way to highlight a new arrival or highly desired item. Showcases provide this useful method of display in a variety of different sizes and construction types, helping retailers use retail display fixtures that best meets individual needs. Using this versatile base, businesses can create simple, elegant presentations, as well as more involved themes and scenes that evoke an attitude or emotion associated with the display of the product itself. Whether the item on display is a new release or a timeless classic, showcases provide the base that retailers can easily build off of.

One area where showcases can be especially effective is in the presentation of high-value goods, whether the items in question are traditionally showcased products such as jewelry and electronics, or something else entirely. A shoe store, for example, may place its most-expensive sneakers or highest selling high heels inside a showcase to highlight the desirability of the footwear. One approach taken by many retailers is to use tall glass cases that can hold many expensive or fragile items – balancing the ability to view such merchandise without leaving it exposed to rough handling or possible theft.

Creating an attractive setup
Showcases can be paired together to make a unique, visually appealing display area that best utilizes the available space in a storefront. Retailers can take a playful approach to such a setup as well, having related themes or similar product types displayed close to each other. Drawing the eye of the customer from one end of the showcase set to the other is an efficient way to put a wide variety of items directly into the view of a potential buyer.

Here's a simple way to understand the effectiveness of showcases: Ever visit a diner with a pie or cake case by the front door? Did it make you more interested in eating dessert? Showcases create many of the same feelings in the minds of retail customers. Putting the most attractive or tempting items in a prominent location is a simple and good decision. Showcases are offered in a wide variety of styles and offer different lighting and security options, making these display fixtures available to many different types of retailers.


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