Slatwall: easy and effective


Visual merchandising certainly has some best practices, but retailers that put together displays and optimize the location and accessibility of products in their stores know its more of an art than a science. There are some common sense principles in how to orient items and the best places to place them, as well as more advanced research that has yielded actionable results in terms of the use of color, scents and other stimuli with customers. These are all exciting parts of visual merchandising, but business owners can't overlook the bread and butter of  effective organization and display: putting products where shoppers can see them, interact with them and select them for purchase.

Slatwall is one of the unsung heroes of retail display efforts. Although it doesn't often factor into the exciting and highly planned presentations placed at the front of a store or in a display window, it provides an easy method of access to actual products. The versatility of slatwall is one of its most commonly recognized attributes, as it can take a wide variety of different attachments. Businesses can effectively display many different items with the right hooks, trays and shelves, from low- to high-value and small to large sizes.

Easily configurable
The ability to present many different items on slatwall is well understood in the retail industry, but some other advantages may be overlooked – especially by new businesses. Slatwall is especially effective because, once its been installed and anchored to a supporting wall, it can be changed as frequently as needed. Different accessories can be swapped in and out as old merchandise leaves the shelves and new items arrive, or simply when retailers wants a relatively low-effort method for freshening up the interior of a store. Slatwall can have its purpose easily changed as well, from directly offering products to consumers to the base for a visual merchandising display and a mix of the two approaches.

Retail Resource is offering stackable slatwall display panels that are easy to set up, install and quickly put into use. These panels can be used individually or stacked to fill part of or an entire wall, providing retailers with a wide variety of different options. Whether they're looking to cover a small area or multiple walls, slatwall is an effective and changeable option for optimizing retail space.


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