Targeting bargain buyers with no-frills chic


Macy's recently opened a retail space offering discount designer products. The new Macy's Backstage is a simpler space that features lower prices, new products and the same great service associated with the company. According to the Columbian, Macy's introduced the new department store to compete with T.J. Maxx, Target and other businesses supplying customers with a no-frills chic experience. defined no-frills chic as offering low-price commodities with high-class service. Airlines may provide cheap tickets with top-of-the-line in-flight care or clothing stores may sell discounted products displayed in elegant locations.

If a retail space wants to capitalize on the no-frills chic trend, it has to have three things; low prices, excellent employees and a beautifully designed space.

Stores can use no-frills chic temporary displays during sales events.Stores can use no-frills chic temporary displays during sales events.

First of all, a no-frills chic business must have competitive pricing. If at all possible, you want your store to sell products for the lowest price in town. This may be a design theme used in certain discount periods. You can use a no-frills chic approach in your next clearance sale or other promotional event where shoppers can really get a deal.

Second, your employees must represent your store's quality. No-frills chic shoppers expect discount store prices but boutique service. Clerks should treat each customer the way high-end shops handle their priority clients, ready to answer questions and make recommendations. Forbes said Target succeeds because attentive staff members ensure customers don't leave the building empty handed.

Finally, the space should be simple and attractive. The goods must have priority in no-frills chic visual merchandising. Macy's Backstage uses clean lines and basic shapes in its floor layout. Your space must have signage indicating deals and any product information customers need. Metal display fixtures shine without being glaring, and focusing your design on a few choice colors can influence shopping behavior. Small Business Trends said purple is commonly associated with royalty and beauty and red promotes urgency during sales.


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