The advantages of construction chic in retail design


Construction chic is an interior design strategy that utilizes industrial materials such a stone, concrete and metal. Furniture World said retail spaces use construction chic for inventory visualization to appeal to millennial shoppers.  Why do younger groups respond to these materials?

The use of displays made from simple materials creates a feeling of transparency.  Stores use real, natural displays to create an authentic vibe. Younger customers like to frequent a business they feel they can trust and grow a relationship with.

Concrete and stone appeals to an urban environment. Industrial materials create the metropolitan mood of steel skyscrapers and concrete sidewalks in an interior space. 

Big city themes are present in construction chic designs.Big city themes are present in construction chic designs.

Construction chic is also used for the sake of contrast. Few stores that feature metal and stone retail display fixtures are actually in the construction or home improvement business. Instead, they use hard materials to call attention to their warm and soft merchandise. Wallpaper* examined Harvey Nichols', a retail fashion company, new store design which uses mannequins made of metal, stone and other materials along with concrete display cases.

The idea was to create controlled disruption – hard materials offset a soft store design. This approach to  visual merchandising was designed to create a tactile experience. Rough and smooth surfaces highlight the diversity of trends and fashions the store offers. Shopify suggested many retail designs don't take all five senses into account.

Millennials prefer simple designs. Smooth metals and stone fixtures create clean lines and simple displays that still evoke a mood. Retail Design Blog suggested simple stone is viewed as a luxurious material because it offers natural patterns. Metal gives a gleam and shine to indoor spaces. The material is clean but also offers tactile sensations and promotes big city values, transparent practices and authentic beauty. It is a way for a store to emphasize simplicity without sterility.


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