The versatility of display tables


One of the most versatile tools for visual merchandising is the display table. These surfaces place items at a height that's easy for customers to access and pick up for purchase while additionally offering an area to showcase a featured product or one that's on sale. Businesses have a wide range of options for visual merchandising with display tables, as a simple cloth and a few props can turn a basic, everyday display into a themed one appropriate for a current promotion or upcoming holiday. Here's a look at just a few of the ways companies can use display tables to attract customers and make sales:

  • Nesting tables are functional and engaging: One of the most popular choices for retailers due to versatility, nesting tables allow for an engaging presentation and are easily stored at other times. Plenty of options for the tables themselves exist, from classic, sleek designs in a variety of colors to more specific designs such as those themed around crates and ones using a variety of wood finishes. There are plenty of different ideas that businesses can consider, such as a clothing retailer putting similar items in child, teen and adult sizes on the tables. This is just one of the many different concepts that lend themselves to the use of display tables. When it comes time to change up the in-store displays, smaller tables can be nested under the larger ones to make room for a different visual merchandising concept.
  • Tiered tables offer merchandising options: Using a tiered setup allows for more merchandise to be displayed and presented for sale without taking up any more valuable floor space than is necessary. There are plenty of different forms and functions available based on the attitude and interior design of a given retailer, from functional A-frame tiered shelves to more stylized Number 9 retail display table. No matter the specific table chosen by a retailer, the tiered structure helps to present accessories and related purchases to customers in an attractive and efficient way. It's easy to push impulse purchases on the smaller tiers of these tables by building the display around the largest product at the bottom.

Having options when it comes to retail displays is always a good thing. Having display tables that can offer a variety of products can help businesses more effectively attract customers.


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