Tips for selling antiques


Stores selling items of great value such as antique jewelry or vintage clothing have special needs that other stores don't have. For example, there is a greater risk of theft, and the customer often expects to walk into a store that feels elegant and luxurious. There are many ways to sell beautiful, aged and expensive items in such a way that the visual merchandising potential is maximized and shoppers will come back again and again.

Selling antique jewelry
People who shop for an antique are often looking for something to give as a special gift, so they will want to take their time looking for something just right. Having the proper showcases with appropriate ring posts will do well for antique jewelry. The key is to display each piece apart from other pieces in such a way that there is a gestalt effect of timeless elegance from seeing everything together. Consider putting jewelry together by the era in which it was made – each time period would have its own props and design to set off the right emotions in the shopper. Have sales personnel behind the glass cases to offer assistance with items like necklaces, which customers may want to try on or see more closely. Don't be afraid to have mirrors where shoppers can look at themselves wearing the jewelry. Be prepared to answer questions about provenance and value.

Vintage clothes
Some outfits are timeless examples of beauty that deserve to be placed on the most elegant mannequins that a shop owner can afford. These will make the dresses look even more beautiful. The usual concerns about paring items with the right accessories like hats and shawls is a matter of importance here as well. Shoppers will want to touch and feel the fabric, and they will also be interested in the year the outfits were made along with any details about the way they were stitched and how they came to the store.

Here, as with jewelry, the time in which the objects were made becomes a crucial matter when placing them with props and other art objects to bring out the emotions resonant with certain historical periods. For a store selling flower power sixties outfits, owners will want a very different vibe compared to a store selling Chanel dresses from the fifties and early sixties.


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