Using mannequins to promote visual merchandising


One of the ways that shoppers look for clothing in a retail environment is by seeing what the mannequins in a store are wearing. This means they are a major selling point, and should be treated as one of the primary outlets for putting clothing on display. In particular, the mannequins in a window display are going to be seen by everyone who walks past, and an eye-catching display will help drum up sales.

The best way to use mannequins is to really take the time to give them a look that impresses people. They should likely be overdressed instead of underdressed. Just giving a mannequin jeans and a t-shirt isn't necessarily as effective as creating an entire outfit that uses several products in concert . A further tip is to use several mannequins in a display, and try to arrange them so that they naturally go together. If a store is selling different colors of the same sweater, then it will be a good idea to give each mannequin a different one and then show the kind of color palette that goes with each of the sweaters.

Another point of advice when creating displays is to include props. These can range from natural props to a wallpaper background. Changing the scene where mannequins are located will help to create a seasonal effect, so that when someone looks at a mannequin wearing a rain jacket, followed by a rainy background, it will inspire a greater sense of verisimilitude. Using items like Christmas trees or other decorations will also be a good method of making topical allusions to certain important holidays.

Using flexible mannequins and mannequin alternatives
When possible, try to change the position of the mannequins and change their outfits frequently. This way, they are more dynamic. People walking past will notice when mannequins have changed clothes, and if the fashion choices are good enough then people will stop to take a look at them.

There are additional ways that someone can sell clothes that don't rely on traditional mannequins. One of these is the display stand. Such a product can be used in conjunction with mannequins in the store so that there are multiple shapes that catch the eye. For example, a flexible form will only show the clothes without anyone inside of them, making the clothes appear to move independently of any body. This is a dramatic effect that will impress people, and juxtaposes well with traditional mannequins.


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