Using the right display fixtures for visual merchandising


There are display fixtures for every kind of item in a store, ranging from mannequins to racks. Using the right display for the right purpose will help make clothes look their best while keeping the store professional and high quality.

The first thing to consider when buying a new display fixture is what kind of items are being shown. Dresses should have a better-looking apparel rack that also offers more room. This is particularly true if the outfits are expensive or have many layers. A slim "little black dress" would look good when given the elegance it deserves, such as being displayed on a 2-way slant arms clothes hanging rack. Meanwhile, something fuller, with lace or satin, may be better off with a rack that offers more room for the outfit so that it doesn't become compressed. Typically, an expensive dress would look best on a mannequin. People can then order a custom fit that is tailored to someone's body. Stores selling ready-to-wear items may have luck selling products on displays, however.

Generally a display rack looks best when the item is casual, like T-shirts or a pair of jeans. But items like flannel can also look good on a rack. A rule of thumb is to use racks as a way of showing many different styles and sizes all together, so that a flannel rack would show four kinds of flannel shirts in various sizes. Stores selling vintage clothing can benefit from racks because much of their stock is one of a kind, with only one size and one type. The racks then generate a sense of uniqueness to each product, with someone flipping through items to find exactly what he or she wants.

There are of course many different kinds of racks, such as the spiral clothing rack. Generally, the shape of the display ought to suit the item being shown. For example, the spiral rack would look best with sweaters because the unique shape helps to demonstrate the different colors, weaves and patterns of each one. Meanwhile a round clothing rack might be used for any number of things. A bargain rack would do very well if it were circular because people can circumnavigate it to find the best deals. It would be easy to look through it quickly to see if there were something a person might want. A 4-way garment rack is difficult to navigate, so ideally the clothes on display should be unique, each item demanding individual attention.


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