Galvanized Metal Retail Trend


Galvanized follows the industrial chic and rustic trends.

The use of galvanized metal is a current trend influencing retail visual merchandising and design. This look is riding the coat tails of the industrial chic and rustic trends that have seen major popularity over the past several years. Consumers are buying goods that are humble and handcrafted in appearance, and the use of galvanized displays and props accentuates that feeling in retail presentations.

The zinc coating is designed to prevent rust and corrosion.

Traditionally, galvanized metal was used for a number of outdoor and industrial applications. The zinc coating is designed to protect steel and iron from rust and corrosion, resulting in a longer life of the product. The appearance was never intended to be pretty, just functional. Over time galvanized items began popping up in garden and floral shops for decorative use to enhance the overall ambiance of presentations.

Galvanized metal evokes a vintage and humble appeal.

This trend has made its way into all types of retail spaces to further evoke a vintage and humble appeal.  Neutral, pastel and bright color schemes coordinate well with galvanized metal as well as other types of metal finishes and wood. Retail Resource carries a wide selection of galvanized displays and décor props allowing retailers to transform their shops into quaint and charming spaces.


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