Selling scarves successfully


The warmth provided from a scarf combined with its versatility makes this fashion-forward accessory the perfected addition to any outfit. Plus, according to The Weather Channel, these record-low temperatures might not be stopping, so now is a better time than ever to sell the currently trending item. Whether you're selling silk, knit, wrapped or infinity scarves, make sure you're displaying them the best way possible.

Floor-standing displays
One of the more unique options for floor-standing accessory fixtures is the rustic wrought iron tree. Easily assembled, this distinct display item is perfect for the winter season, especially because its sprouting leaves will remind customers of spring's approaching warm weather.

The spiral scarf display stand is another option for a floor-standing fixture. Capable of holding 23 scarves, the stylish spiral design of this product will bring a modern touch to any retail store or boutique. Customers can easily see each distinct scarf because of this item's curved structure.

Full-form mannequins provide retailers an opportunity to sell not only a scarf, but an entire outfit. By showing your own sense of style on these mannequins, shoppers looking for either just an outfit or just a scarf are both exposed to the other option. This form of display is a great way to have fun with the merchandise you sell while also boosting your chance for making a sale.

Tabletop displays
If utilizing floor space is not the route you want to take or is simply not an option, there are several tabletop fixtures that can add elevation and dimension to your merchandise. Be sure to actually use an accessory fixture rather than simply lying the scarves out on a table's surface. Without the display fixtures, not only will the smooth material of a silk scarf create an unfortunate opportunity for the merchandise to be accidentally swept onto the floor, but a flat surface just does not do the scarf's beauty justice. Hanging it on a fixture gives the shoppers a more realistic perception of the way the scarf will lie on their bodies, and it also makes it visible to more customers. Our space-saving accessory fixtures are ideal for setting on top of shelves or any of our display table options.

Another way to present the scarves is to use display heads. With both a male and female option for Styrofoam display heads, these products offer the perfect opportunity to show that any gender can wear a fashionable scarf.


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