Think about store display fixtures before the holidays


The holidays are rapidly approaching, and retailers need to consider their store display fixtures to take advantage of this lucrative time of year. Having the right visual merchandising in place can make the difference between customers deciding to purchase or not. 

In fact, holiday retail sales are expected to increase by as much as 4.5 percent from last year's totals, according to research from Deloitte. The total sales this year could reach $986 billion. The report indicated that retailers of all sizes need to have a firm understanding of what customers want to maximize their sales potential. In particular, store navigation and flow will help businesses create a compelling customer experience during this essential time of year. Consumers are often in a hurry and do not want to spend a long time searching for the specific gift items they had in mind for friends or family members. 

Getting the right retail display fixtures in place
It may seem like the holiday shopping season starts earlier every year with many large retailers already putting up their holiday displays. The shopping season will really be in full swing next month with Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of November, which is why it's important to consider holiday displays now. 

Not only do business owners need to consider fixtures to display holiday merchandise, but it's also a good idea to think about decorative flourishes. Because of the festive nature of the holiday season, banners, decor and backdrops can help consumers get into the spirit. This time of year lends itself to colorful displays, and nearly every aspect of the in-store experience can be adjusted for better results. Even hangers, employee aprons and basket displays can be adorned to present a consistent store theme.

Since many purchases during November and December are likely to be gifts for others, it's crucial to have boxes, decorative bags and gift wrap on hand. Offering this service to customers can significantly improve their shopping experiences because gift wrapping is a time saver, especially for people who need to run multiple errands in one day. Customers appreciate conveniences that retailers add during this time of year.

Preparing a retail store for the holidays is key to maximizing revenue during November and December. Retailers that provide a high-quality customer experience through the holidays stand to gain the most of the potential sales. 


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