3 strategies to increase customer loyalty


The relationship between brand and consumer is a delicate one. Loyalty can disappear quickly if a company makes a mistake. Stores should keep certain strategies in mind for fulfilling buyer expectations.

Create a diversion from the online store
Some customers choose to come into a physical location for the experience versus shopping online. Strong visual merchandising will give shoppers that shock-and-awe feeling when they see something they want. Punch up the spirit of your shop by altering the mood. Change out boring wire hangers for retail wood hangers, and re-organize your layout with each season. Customers will notice, and they'll come back to see how things are different and check out what new products you have in store.

Personalize the experience
Seeing familiar faces can make a buyer feel more comfortable during a retail experience. If your employees have a great connection with a shopper, let them work with the customer exclusively. Not only will the consumer feel like he or she has a personal shopper, but your worker will be more engaged. An individualized interaction promotes a sense of trust, and shoppers may be more likely to add on to their purchases. A regular shopping collaboration can lead a buyer to become a brand loyalist.

"A regular shopping collaboration can lead a buyer to become a brand loyalist."

Be aware of online presence
Nearly 82 percent of millennial Americans read online reviews before making purchases, according to the "American Lifestyles 2015" report by global marketing firm Mintel. A retailer's reputation can have a good (or bad) effect on sales. Encourage employees to provide quality service and ask customers how they feel their time was in store. If they had a positive shopping interaction, give them an incentive to write about it. Monitor bad reviews online, and try to respond with an apologetic and kind comment. You can invite these customers to come back with an incentive or just with the promise of more attentive service next time.

Attention-grabbing visual merchandising strategies, individualization of interaction and being aware of your company's reputation will help store owners provide customers with an experience they'll  remember and want to encounter again.


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