Changing customers bring need for inventive visual strategy


Stores across the nation are known for their originality and the regularity of their brand. It's what makes them stand out and sets them apart from other retail experiences. Imagine Levi's without its jeans displays or Eddie Bauer without its landscape-oriented merchandising. The feel of these brands would be completely different. To stay on top of the changing market, and also maintain brand awareness, retail shops have to find ways to change their visual merchandising strategies while staying true to their original concept, according to Forbes.

"Stores have to stay inventive in their visuals, as well as their overall concept."

Transition with the shift of shoppers
Nike has "Just Do It." The United Colors of Benetton is known for its crisp colors and bright displays. While both companies have cemented themselves within the industry for their brand of products, they also know how to transition within the realm of shoppers to hold their interest. Stores have to stay inventive in their visuals, as well as their overall concept. To do so, it's important for stores to have a clear-cut mission or aspect differentiates them from the crowd of retailers. Visual merchandising can go a long way in the re-invention of a store's image.

Incorporate original concept into displays

There are fun ways to include your store's motto or concept into your visual merchandising strategy. Try attaching fun signage that includes the company's mission to a 4-way clothing rack or near the cash wrap. Use interesting mannequin forms to show off vintage pieces in addition to items for sale. Place literature holders around the location to encourage shoppers to read material on the history of the brand. Not only will this give customers some background information on the store's mantra, but it is a physical copy detailing how the brand has changed and improved over time.

A store's ability to transition with its customers needs and wants shows promise for the future. By staying true to the company's mission, while also allowing for alterations to meet present trends, a store's products can continue to be original and also ever-changing. A good visual merchandising strategy can help bring the two elements together without losing the overall feel for the brand.


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