Increase sales with these 3 visual merchandising tools


Visual merchandising is an important retail strategy that, if done well, can increase sales and and please the customer. Once a business has all the necessary components to optimize its display of products – lighting, signage, color and ticketing, to name a few – it can introduce an appealing presentation of the goods for sale. There are several methods you can use to maximize the aesthetic of your products and intrigue shoppers.

Introduce a theme
Themes are a rules-free technique to tell a story through what you're selling. These ideas and designs usually come about with the introduction of a new product or the switch from one season to another. Themes are a strong way for a business to re-invent the wheel and find interesting new ways to showcase their merchandise. Try displaying products, combining clothes and jewelry with a similar feel, on a three-tier display table or coordinate colors on a four-way garment rack.

"You've heard this one before: Items are better grouped in threes."

Use the rule of three
You've heard this one before: Items are better grouped in threes. Incorporate that technique into your store and visual merchandising strategy to help strengthen the display in a customer's mind. This method works for every kind of product. Arranging your threes on the basis of price, quality and size will also make it easier for the shopper. If you have three mannequins with varying heights, arrange by short, medium and tall. If you have three jewelry displays on one table, group them from least to most expensive. This aids buyers in quickly identifying products of the best value to them, leading to a purchasing decision.

Highlight appealing price points
Displaying your products' prices clearly will help a value-oriented customer. Showcase items on sale or at an affordable cost with larger signage to draw the buyer to the table or rack. All other products can use small signage or use individual ticketing, which will encourage the customer to pick up the product to see the price.

Visual merchandising plays a large role in the motif of a store. By using techniques that will attract customers to interesting displays, you can increase sales. 


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