3 steps for getting more display space in your store


A lack of available space to display merchandise is a common problem for many retailers. There is only so much floor space in play, after all. Moving to a bigger location with more square footage on the sales floor is certainly possible, but is often impractical or not an ideal decision. Retailers who have a storefront that they like in terms of location, foot traffic and exposure, but wish they had more room to put products on display, should consider using the available vertical and horizontal space. Gridwall fixtures can significantly increase the room in which to display products and do so in a relatively inexpensive fashion – especially when compared to the costs of moving to a new location or knocking down interior walls and refurbishing an interior.

Here are the three simple steps retailers can use to realize more display space with the help of gridwall fixtures:

  1. Find the best locations first: Before buying gridwall fixtures and accessories, it’s important that store owners determine how much available space they have. A simple rearrangement of current display materials – such as pulling store display fixtures or tables away from walls – should also be considered in an effort to maximize space. The good news is that there are plenty of different configurations of gridwall available, from small panels to wall-length pieces, so every retailer can find a solution that works. Freestanding gondolas provide another option for gridwall that works away from the walls of a store.
  2. Get your grid fixtures: After determining the amount of space available and how much should be filled, the next step is easy: Get the gridwall or freestanding fixtures that fit. There isn’t much more to be said about this step, as gridwall and associated items are easy to both order and install.
  3. Choose the right accessories: By itself, gridwall is just a base. Retailers need to use accessories such as hooks, pegs, shelving and baskets to turn it into a fully functional option for retail display. Other components, such as angled connectors to bind two pieces of gridwall together and holders for signage, can help make the gridwall in your store more unique and create the best fit for the available space.

Ubiquitous and easy to install, gridwall is an effective choice for retailers who feel constrained by the current amount of display space available.


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