Displaying jewelry and other small items


There are many ways to present accessories in ways that set off their visual merchandising appeal and make them stand out as being extraordinary in themselves. One good approach is to buy the right jewelry displays for each product, choosing a color and model appropriate to the item. Elegant products go well with black because such jewelry is typically made of polished metal and stones that shine beautifully. The matte black finish shows these features off to a nice effect.

An item that is less conventional, such as that made with coral or other stones, may require a different sort of display. For example, a mesh necklace display might work best with something rather heavy and ornate. The contrast between the mesh and the fancy necklace would look very good. Additionally, pearls could go with either a black or a white finish, but it may be wise to use a fabric display. Pearls do not shine so much as they have a particular luster which is best demonstrated by being contrasted with a felt material that holds light without shining it back. This allows the natural sheen of quality pearls to show through.

Some people prefer to use clear displays. These work well when merchants wants to show a ring that looks beautiful all around or has a special inscription on the inside. There are also bronze necklace stands, which offer a finish with a burnished appearance to contrast with perhaps unpolished, roughly-cut stones or shells on a necklace.

Small items
For objects such as brooches or pins – or even items that are not strictly speaking jewelry, such as antique boxes or small statuettes – it may be wise to begin investing in display tables. These range in types from metal to wood finishes, and once again it makes a major difference as to what kind of surface effect is intended to match with the items. Darkly stained antique wooden chests would go well with a lighter stained wood, as the bright light reflecting off of the shelf units would make the boxes stand out and give them some life. Too much of a dark stain against another dimly stained wood creates an effect that drains color and life from antiquities. At the same time, too much of a contrast between something bright and sunny and something more darkly painted would look unpleasant, and might highlight the age of the item too much. A good middle ground is to choose a medium polish. Metal finishes work well with metal items, such as jewelry caskets or belt buckles.


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