Endcap essentials


Idly meandering through aisles of merchandise can become mundane for shoppers. It is up to the store to not let those monotonous lines of product escape their potential for visual interest. Bring that bit of eye candy to your store by organizing retail display fixtures to optimize your endcap. Retail Resource offers an array of items to make full use of arrangements at the end of your store's aisles.

Organizing items
Easily adaptable gondolas and pegboards provide you with opportunity to regularly change the scene of endcap displays. Stores can effortlessly create a theme for every season and holiday. Endcaps are also perfect for sales, specials and impulse item displays. For smaller items, consider using the Tray Pegboard Organizer. The transparent container easily allows customers to view its content, bolstering impulse sales with its optimized visibility. For larger items, the Wire Pegboard Basket combines visual clarity with sturdy craftsmanship. Plus, the basket collapses for convenient storage.

Using signs
Signage is effective for more than just getting customers to enter your store. Create aesthetic interest on your endcap with wall and rack sign holders. Magnet sign holders are perfect for sticking to the metal shelving units of endcap displays. For a more personalized approach to design, any of the write-on options, such as chalkboards, will supply a reusable blank surface for advertising your products.


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