The power of nostalgia in retail display


This holiday season, stores may opt to forgo innovation and instead decide to focus on traditional decorations. Collectors Weekly said many Christmas retail window displays create tableaus from classic literature or historical Yuletide celebrations. They will either use old fashioned decorations or retro display fixtures, either way, the goal is to create a sense of nostalgia in holiday shoppers.

Nostalgia is very important in the modern marketplace. Open Forum said millennials really respond to marketing and displays that remind them of their childhood. Most shoppers like personal experiences, and decorations or store designs that seem familiar will create an instant connection. It's a way to generate a relationship with certain targeted audiences.

"Nostalgic marketing materials and store designs make a business seem trustworthy."

Elite Daily collected the results of numerous scientific studies designed to analyze the effects of nostalgia. Familiar images and objects from a person's past have been found to possess a calming effect. In terms of consumers, nostalgic marketing materials and store designs make a business seem trustworthy and dependable. People walking through spaces utilizing retro furniture and retail display fixtures feel comfortable if the displays remind them of different times in their lives or the idealized past.

Nostalgia also creates a sense of social connectedness. If shoppers sees something from their past, they will likely want to share it with contacts in their age group. People may take pictures of antique counters and pop culture referential signage, where they would normally ignore basic retail fixtures.

Older visual merchandising fixtures also provide a store with a sense of history. The nostalgia created by the store isn't just a reference to previous times but an indication that the retail space itself is part of tradition. It's a huge advantage brick-and-mortar stores can have over larger companies. Emphasizing a store's history and place in the community allows the brand itself to inspire nostalgia.


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