Effectively using vertical space in retail stores


A common problem in the retail world is a lack of available space for visual merchandising. Whether a business is growing and offering wider product lines, trying to find enough room for new seasonal arrivals or fit a lifestyle display into a good spot to attract customers, floor space is a common concern. Retailers that aren't taking advantage of the vertical space in their store with multi-tiered retail display fixtures such as shelving, slatwall, gondolas and pegboard, are missing out on valuable space that can be used to display items.

Here's a look at three different strategies that merchants can use to better utilize all of the available space in their stores:

  • Slatwall: Slatwall panels help businesses take advantage of wall space, which is often left mostly empty or used to display logos and other similar marketing content. Businesses that use their walls for these purposes, as well as those retailers whose walls sit blank, can both benefit from using slatwall. The wide range of attachments and accessories means that many different types of businesses can craft an effective display. The ability to quickly change out accessories like hooks and baskets also makes it easier to update freshen up displays as well as meet the display space requirements of new products.
  • Gondolas and peg fixtures: Similar to slatwall, gondolas and peg fixtures help retailers display their merchandise vertically and horizontally. Gondolas can be placed throughout the store, allowing for even more flexibility. Hooks, containers and other options for holding products gives these fixtures a high level of utility. Pegboard can also be used on walls to help fill up otherwise vacant space with inventory and drawing the eyes of customers across a store.
  • Shelf units: Shelving is a basic need for retailers and can be placed throughout the sales floor. There are a wide variety of different styles available, helping store owners find fixtures that match existing color schemes and design themes. More practical concerns, such as limited available space, can also be taken into account. Additional accessories can help keep smaller items organized, display prices and perform other functions.

No matter which option a retail store owner chooses, the need for increased display space has to be met for stores to stay competitive.


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