Back-to-school shoppers look for September deals


Consumers don't stop shopping for school supplies once school starts. The Boston Globe reported the 2015 back-to-school shopping season didn't meet the expectations many retailers were hoping for. However, consumers might just be on a different schedule than stores.

Many customers wait for September or later to buy their supplies. Consumers like to take advantage of the clearance sales stores offer once demand dies down. Families also get a chance to see what items are necessary. Sometimes schools send students home with a list of products their class work requires.

Stores should think twice before abandoning their back-to-school product displays after August. Visual merchandising could appeal to bargain hunters and families shopping with specific school demands in mind.

Certain classes may call for special materials that teachers or parents need to buy.Certain classes may call for special materials that teachers or parents need to buy.

A local store would be wise to contact schools to determine which materials teachers promote. Design Ideas, a visual design blog, recommended placing functional education tools on display tables where kids can interact with them. You want to take items out of the box and give students a chance to try them out.

USA Today said there were other back-to-school products that are often bought at later dates. Many college students take a few classes before they decide to invest in expensive textbooks. People attending universities will also look for dorm decorations and fall clothing.

Shoppers are no longer getting ready for the school experience, they are living it. Store displays should offer solutions and products for everyday use as opposed to bulk purchases of preparation. Store mannequins can show off college gear and fall fashions. Store employees should be ready to answer parent questions about which products offer the best performance for particular classes.

Your previous displays were just pre-test preparation, visual merchandising that appeals to new students is the secret to earning your store an A .


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