Using slatwalls to your advantage


When a business wants to maximize its floor plan, using slatwalls can be an easy way to free up space. They can attach to ordinary walls or exist as free-standing fixtures. However a store uses them, they are effective at taking otherwise unused space and making them sites for displaying merchandise.

The classic way to use slatwalls is to display items on them like shoes or other lightweight products. One shoe would go on the wall on a shelf that fits into the slats, and the other shoe is left in the back. This requires someone to ask for help when trying on shoes, which could lead to an upsell from one type of footwear to another. A person could also put boxes or other objects on a slatwall, as the shelving is extremely stable and can accommodate many types of display accessories. There are even boxes that fit into slatwalls, which can store screws or other types of small items. Putting many boxes next to each other lets customers find the product they're searching for quickly and easily.

One item that might prove useful for hardware stores or other shops that sell larger merchandise is the slatwall J hook, which is a strong hook that can hold something that would be too heavy for an ordinary hook designed to hang clothes. Someone could put up heavy equipment and have some of the boxes below the J hook while one example product is fixed on to the wall itself.

Displaying clothes with slatwalls
Of course, a major use for the slatwall is to display clothes. There are many different lengths and materials for the display hooks that attach to the slatwall and are intended for showing off items. A benefit of the slatwall is that if items are small enough, then one hook can be placed above another, freeing up space for the entire wall to be used as a display.

An additional benefit of the slatwall is its customization. When summer is over and it's time to put up autumn wear, the hooks can be rearranged to suit the new season. This makes the store seem like a constantly changing and adapting space, which will intrigue people who visit often and reward them with a unique presentation every season – or even every month if the proprietor chooses to frequently change the look of the stores. This will boost the visual merchandising appeal of the store.

Slatwalls can be combined with apparel fixtures, so that the entire floor space of a room is used. Apparel fixtures are easy to move around as well, so this adds to the convenience when planning to make seasonal variations.


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